3.00 - 5.00pm,  November 21, 2019

Berwick Parish Centre 

Curated by Mike Worboys (University of Greenwich) and John Stell (University of Leeds)


A multi-disciplinary workshop to explore performative, cultural and formal relationships between space and sound. This workshop will discuss relationships and connections between music and the spaces we live in and of our imaginations. Short presentations will be given by academics and other specialists. There will be opportunities for questions and discussion. Examples of relevant topics are:

  • Spatial structures, relationships and metaphors in musical works;
  • Music as evocation of place;
  • Sound in geographic spaces.

If you are curious about such matters, then this Workshop may be for you. All are welcome and no particular background or experience is required.


3.00     Michael Worboys. University of Greenwich

Introduction. Space in sounds: Spatial models and metaphors in music


Spatial models and metaphors abound when representing and reasoning about sound and music. This talk will briefly introduce the workshop by reviewing spatial representations and realisations of music.


3.20     Anna Chapman Parker, Berwick upon Tweed

Space for Sound.


Anna will talk about the artwork she developed for Sonikebana and how it relates to the sounds you hear, together with some of the considerations involved in creating an environment for listening.


3.40     John Stell, University of Leeds.

Space as Sound: Exploring a landscape of computer-generated drawings


Darrel Viner (1946-2001) made drawings in the 1970s generated by computer code. This talk describes a possible landscape to organise the drawings and the use of sonic metaphors, such as rhythm and texture, in exploring this landscape.


4.00 BREAK


4.15     Gnaomi Siemens, New York City. 

Sound in space: Using sonic devices to create multi-sensory and multidimensional space in poetry



How can the use of sonic devices, like rhythm and tonal variation, create emotion and evoke physical space in poetry? We will look at these techniques in translations of poems from The Exeter Book.


4.35     Mark Zygadio, Glenhead, Dumfries.

WaterOrgan, Making an Environmental Soundwork

WaterOrgan is a mobile floating platform supporting a 37-note wind organ which is designed to respond to the characteristics of the waterway in which it is moored or on passage.




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